Serenity Matagorda Isle

Come Out And Play


I like to think of this time between now and New Year’s as a mysterious threshold, rounding off the holidays, recognizing 2015 coming to an end and awaiting the arrival of 2016.   It’s an emotional time with a mixture of happiness, sadness, excitement anxiety, and anticipation as we contemplate the[…]

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Here we are, the weekend before Christmas.  Before we know it the hustle and bustle of the holidays has a way of putting us on the fast track to the end of 2015.   I’m making a conscious effort this month to slow time down.  My plan is to take control[…]

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Diary Post – Christmas Week


Looking ahead to Christmas week I’m ecstatic I made this commitment to eat healthy.  I’ve focused not only on the quality of food but the appearance of it.  I literally get excited when my meals look appealing in comparison to food I would normally grab on the run, ignoring the[…]

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Diary Post – Compliment

Eureka! Someone noticed I’m losing weight. (I love you Becky!) Four pounds made a difference in my jeans and slacks, but I wasn’t sure if it was apparent to those around me. Make a point to compliment your family or friends when they look lighter than the last time you[…]

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True Treasure


In Houston everybody seems to be following the same shopping schedule converging on the Galleria area like flies to honey.  I was running errands for my daughter and what should have taken thirty minutes round trip ended up taking a couple of hours.  The irony was I carefully chose the[…]

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Diary Entry – Forgiveness


Forgive me digestive tract for what I Ingested this last weekend. It wasn’t too bad but went against my clean eating habits I committed to.  We held a Christmas party last weekend and I went to the store hungry. Big NO NO!  It was a Sugar addicts dream.  We had[…]

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All Quiet in the House


For me, night time is my favorite time in the house when everyone’s asleep, the lights are out and I’m rewinding my thoughts of the day. The only noise is the washing machine finishing up the rinse cycle. Even the dogs fall into the sleep routine of the household. Adults[…]

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