Serenity Matagorda Isle

Combating Stage Fright with Positive Emotion

Combating Stage Fright with Positive Emotion We’ve all been there before-wringing our hands, watching the clock, and hearing our name in an introduction as the next speaker, presenter or talent act. Our nervous system is signaling the “fight or flight” scenario during this heightened state of emotion, just seconds before[…]

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The Five Love Languages

THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES Cultivating and tending to a garden requires time and patience, but in the end, your care and nurturing produces a bounty of fruits and vegetables or a landscape of magnificent flowers. As much as sunshine and water play a role in the growth and development of[…]

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Through the Eyes of a Child Tribune Article

THROUGH THE EYES OF A CHILD Now that school is underway, mom and dad find themselves, once again, settling into the parent/child dynamic. Weeks before parents and children settled into the preparation stage. Carts were filled with school clothes, school supplies and sports gear. To Do Lists included medical and[…]

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