Serenity Matagorda Isle

Learning to Stand Up for Our Girls

Learning to Stand Up for our Girls One of my favorite events held at Serenity Matagorda Isle this year was a group of Mighty Me Workshops focusing on young girls making the challenging transition from elementary to junior high school, and junior high school to high school. Partnering with Matagorda[…]

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Learning to Handle Emotional Pain

Learning to Handle Emotional Pain Election Day was like a harrowing roller coaster ride with twists, dips and turns that no one could have anticipated. Regardless of what party you connect with, emotions were running high well into the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Some voters experienced acute emotional pain[…]

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With Freedom Comes Responsibility

With Freedom Comes Responsibility I made a trip to the post office last week to mail a package.  After filling out the name and address of the person it was being sent to, the form directed me to fill out a description of the contents, followed by a request for[…]

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