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Emergency Broadcast SystemIT’S ONLY A TEST


Remember hearing this from your television: THIS IS A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM, THIS IS ONLY A TEST…. Whether you were in the room with the television or not, you heard the high decibel, ear piercing sound travel through each and every room of the house. I’d like to borrow this analogy to describe what is happening in Matagorda County. Our county is growing by leaps and bounds as exhibited through television, newspaper and social media. I got a “heads up” during lunch at Town Square Restaurant last Tuesday that the predictions are already out there. Energy and Environment reporter Dave Fehling, for Houston Public Media, wrote about the coming wave of opportunity and growth. In his article, $30 Oil Not Stopping Massive Project Near Houston, he interviewed Rudolph Henry, a technology engineer, who witnessed plant closings due to overseas competition. Henry spent 28 years in the steel pipe factory business only to lose his job because of a plant closing. The beauty of his story is he stayed in the flow of things (i.e. last week’s article Stay in the Flow) and now runs the Industrial Technology Program at Wharton County Junior College’s Bay City branch. He’s preparing the next generation of men and women for the demands they will face during Matagorda County’s exponential growth.

Fehling’s interview with German Cura, who runs the North American operations for our very own “good neighbor” company Tenaris, brings into focus the reality of what lies ahead for the county and us. In German Cura’s own words, “Our experience, we’ve done this around the world many, Bay City, five, ten years from now will be a drastically different place.”

Back to the analogy, we’re having a test of the Matagorda County Opportunity and Growth System; It’s only a test! It’s time to roll up our sleeves and prepare for the unlimited opportunities coming our way. For some readers, this might seem like saying goodbye to the small town feel we are so blessed to experience in this place we call home. I believe we can contain that sense of belonging by joining together to make certain that Matagorda County never loses sight of what makes this community so great, and that is each and every one of us that call it home!

Originally printed in the Bay City Tribune on April 10, 2016

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