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RightsizingI came across the term ‘rightsizing’ in an article, and was immediately taken with it. It sounds more aesthetically pleasing rather than clean your room’ or ‘time for a garage sale.’ Linda Potter’s article, “Stuff and the Art of Spiritual Rightsizing” states the obvious fact that we are a society of collectors. She notes, “…Trying to manage the stuff we’ve amassed over time has become the newest ‘battle of the bulge’—bulging houses, rooms, closets, basements and storage units. Many of us are struggling to get out from under the mountain of things we’ve acquired.” Sound familiar?

In high school and college we dreamt of the day that we would own a nice car or move into our first home. In the beginning, both of these tend to be on the small side, but we continue expanding our dreams of having bigger and better things. Potter is so eloquent in suggesting we must release negative thinking, in the mental sense of the word, and release clutter that’s become our ball-and-chain as we move from address to address.

Now before you get your feathers ruffled, she’s not suggesting you throw out everything near and dear to you. Potter is merely proposing we loosen up and release some of the items we have that suggest we’re stuck in a time warp. She recommends that we “select the things that compile [our] most important memories, and set them aside.” “…Releasing our excess stuff is an inside job. Spiritual rightsizing is not about getting rid of things—it’s about freeing up our energy to create what we really want.”

As for the rest of the stuff, pass it along to other family members or think about selling items that can be repurposed. I’m guessing Marsha Butler with Pura Vida would be more than happy to transform some of your old, dusty, spider-webbed collection into someone else’s trendy treasure. From trash to treasure, now that’s what I call talent!

Originally printed in the Bay City Tribune on May 15, 2016.





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