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With Freedom Comes Responsibility

vote-imageWith Freedom Comes Responsibility

I made a trip to the post office last week to mail a package.  After filling out the name and address of the person it was being sent to, the form directed me to fill out a description of the contents, followed by a request for signature at the bottom of the form.  I had no problem acknowledging the fact that I was responsible for that package, and that no harm would be generated from its contents.   Can you imagine what our world would be like if we were expected to sign for everything we penned, verbalized, or electronically wrote?  With so much information put out in the world today, we’ve become lax in our self-oversight.

Words have power!  We’re living in a day and age where shock and awe on radio, television, movies and social media is expected in order to garner society’s attention.   The question becomes, “How did we get here, or better yet, how can we redirect ourselves back to a place of integrity and respect?”  Change happens when we begin to reintegrate forgiveness and joy into our daily intentions.

In his article, “Circulate Joy”, author Patrick Cameron wrote about what the world would have us believe.  He explains, “If we let the outside world determine our state of being, we will be at the mercy and influence of random chance, spiraling in an endless cycle of opinions, emotions and concerns.”  He goes on to say, “a seeker of truth chooses what they give their attention to and where their thoughts and emotions will lead them.  As Jesus said, ‘Be in the world, but not of the world.’”

If we set our daily intentions to reflect joy, not anger and resentment, our world will open up doors where in our previous mindset, there were only walls.  It’s quite simply a shift in perception.

This week we find ourselves with the very important task of selecting future leaders of our nation for varied political offices.  If you’re voting on election day, think about whether or not your intentions are coming from a place of joy, anger or resentment.  Like the package mentioned in the beginning of this article, certain requirements are expected of us before we are given the opportunity to complete our ballot.  Let’s make sure we’re ready to accept responsibility for its contents.  Men and women have lost their lives defending our right to vote and our country’s safe, peaceful transition in leadership, regardless of which political party lands on top.  In the end, we come together, one and all, as Americans.



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