Serenity Matagorda Isle

All Quiet in the House

For me, night time is my favorite time in the house when everyone’s asleep, the lights are out and I’m rewinding my thoughts of the day. The only noise is the washing machine finishing up the rinse cycle. Even the dogs fall into the sleep routine of the household. Adults can’t wait to fall in to bed while little kids fight sleep at every turn. I was helping out at my daughter’s house last week since the birth of her second child, my sweet grandson. The rhythm of her household is CEO-of-householdvery recognizable to that of mine 30 years ago. I would reject turning back time in a heart beat, but I was prepared to step into her “shoes” and assume the role of CEO of the household. Those not agreeing with the title simply haven’t realized women wrote the book on “risk management” and “conflict resolution” from the moment they gave birth. I had forgotten how much was involved in this job description. How in the world did I manage it with three kids? Certainly I remember the job requirements but by the end of the second day I found myself dreaming of my own bed in Matagorda and more than willing to relinquish the reigns. As a grandparent I recognize how profound my little gestures can be to a child just wanting my full attention instead of having to share it with a cell phone, television or computer. You can’t imagine loving anyone more than your children and along comes your grandchildren; however, at this stage it’s abundantly clear the number one priority in a child’s life is to feel loved. Young parents today can get lost in the demands of the world around them while raising their children in the process. It’s so easy to get trapped in the chaos of their lives, and in turn, lose touch with the purpose of their journey. I’m thankful to be living in this part of my journey as a grandparent. It’s a noble title I hold in high esteem. My job description is much lighter than that of motherhood’s gift-of-lovestruggle with quantity or quality of time. Because of my lighter responsibilities, I’m in a better position to share quality time with my two grandchildren, a gift priceless beyond measure. It can’t be wrapped up under a tree at a particular time of year, but it’s ready and available at a moments notice. Love is the best gift of the season and you won’t find it online or at the mall. Sweet dreams!


Originally Published in The Bay City Tribune on December 6, 2015


  1. Karen,
    I just love the way you write and how you can connect with the reader. I know you have with me:)

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