Serenity Matagorda Isle

All Roads Lead to Matagorda County

Counting my Blessings this morning sitting on our patio overlooking the Colorado River in Matagorda. It was a rocky start for my husband and me settling in last June 2014. With the loss of my sweet sister who was joining us in the move, our world turned upside down. Slowly, putting one foot in front of the other, we adjusted to our “new normal.” I hesitantly retired my “city ways” and settled into “coastal life.” What happened next is the stuff dreams are made of: a group of Bay City women found me when I chased after them at River Bend Restaurant in Matagorda. They were hosting a group of Tenaris ex-pat wives for lunch. I made a mad dash to the parking lot once my waitress alerted me of whom they were and what their mission was. My life changed that day with a “community embrace” unlike any I have experienced before in my 58 years. Interestingly enough, circumstances were Divinely manipulated for our paths to cross. Neither the group nor I began our day intending to lunch at River Bend. One week later a group lunch was set up in my honor at Town Square Café on Main Street to expand the community embrace. I was introduced to women from Bay City, Matagorda & Markham. This story is only one example of the strength in its community support. The exponential growth factor in the county reflects the grand vision of authentic individuals working behind the scenes. I was quickly ushered into the world of community service with an invitation to serve on the steering committee for the Wild Game & Wine Camofest to be held on Main Street in January. I found myself surrounded by quality citizens holding their fingers on the pulse of this county.
I now call Matagorda County my home. Community ties have been woven into the fabric of my family. I sometimes wish my sister had witnessed this before her passing, but in her own way, I recognize her hand in orchestrating my original introduction to those wonderful women. I’ve traveled all over the world and collected memories that I hold dear to me, but I found contentment in the arms of Matagorda County. If you are new to the county, step up, I promise we will catch you!

Karen Restivo

Originally Published in The Bay City Tribune on September 23, 2015

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