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Belief System Upgrade

Didn’t know there was an upgrade for this? Ah yes, no matter our age rebooting our belief system is necessary. How do you know if our belief system needs an upgrade? The old adage “actions speak louder than words” will reveal a little enlightenment. Listening to the words you speak and matching them with your actions can be tested on a daily basis. For example, your boss assigns you a new project with little or no instruction. You tell your boss you’re on it, but your thoughts are more along the lines of: Are you kidding me? Do I look like David Copperfield? It’s essential your belief system be on alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The question in this example isn’t whether the project will find it’s way to completion, the question is do you believe you’re capable of trouble shooting your way through this project to conflict resolution? It’s certainly not conducive either, in the mist of all this, your co-worker senses your fear and must leave immediately for a forgotten root canal appointment at Dr. Humphries office. Your belief system must be cleaned and polished to retain its mint condition. Belief system preparation is key! Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you have the potential to tackle a situation to the best of your ability, any situation? The answer is YES! You can handle whatever’s thrown your way. And while we’re discussing this, if you have children, do you exhibit self-confidence in front of them? Do you instill confidence in your children? Sometimes parents have confided in me their kids are so much smarter than them and they feel they have nothing to offer. For the record, my daughter Kelli can run circles around me when it comes to her college studies in organic chemistry, linear algebra and genetics. It would never occur to her to ask me for homework assistance (unless she was looking for a good laugh); nevertheless, I’m her greatest cheerleader when it comes to encouraging her to believe in herself, to be the best she can be, and to never take a back seat to anyone. That’s our gift to our children; however, you can’t give that gift if you don’t possess a belief in yourself. If you came from a family background where no one encouraged you to believe in yourself, then it’s time to put that strategy to rest. Leave behind those beliefs and upgrade instead to beliefs that will bring you a fulfilling and productive personal, business, and social life.
Back to my example, turn on the confidence in yourself to take charge of the project. And when your co-worker gets back, my first order of business would be to delegate some of the responsibilities to him or her, and while your at it, mention a belief system upgrade, because you’re proof it works!
Belief Creates the Actual Fact. – William James

Karen Restivo

Originally Published in The Bay City Tribune on October 18, 2015


  1. Hello Karen.
    This is Marcelo Siciliani, the husband of Maria Isabel Mac Loughlin from Bay City and we are argentine ex-pats. You knew us at Palacios’ dinner in the Pelican B&B.
    I read your articles and they are pretty interesting.
    Particulary this one about Beliefs it brought my attention and I would like to give you my perspective.
    Many of us in several moments of our lives, have to make decisions and take risks.
    Risks are a path with a start and end point. At the begining we have to know the possible impacts of the decison making and how their risks affect to myself and to my environment. But it is not all. Also we have to know when the risk is present, how to mitigate the negative impacts to myself and to my environment in order to get the lesser effect and following restoration from the adverse situation.
    This is in a few words the theory of risk management.
    The relation with your article is that people’s beliefs normally are aware about this strategy and move forward our minds to make the decision, right or wrongly. Sometimes, people is scared to take risks cause they need a belief upgrade to a next step on “How to Manage Risks”, that consists in a mental process to see the complete movie before to make the decision.
    The basis is to have a very good knowledge of oneself and the enviroment.

    I hope these ideas may contribute to your project.


    1. Marcelo, Of course I remember you! “Risk Management” is essential in the next step of conflict resolution. Belief System Upgrade was written as a tool for reexamination of our base foundation of beliefs to ascertain whether or not we’re acting on old assumptions and beliefs negatively reinforced from past experiences (prior personal, social and business relationships as an example). When we begin with a positive, healthy belief system in any activity we tackle we’re able to give it our undivided attention as we move forward in our decision making process to the next level of Risk Management. Thank you for your thoughts!

      1. Karen, it is my pleasure contribute with these thoughts.
        I see, it is a retrospective review of paradigms and behaviours for the improvement of ourselves.
        Thank you!

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