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At some time in our lives, we’ve all received greeting cards expressing best wishes- birthdays, valentines, graduations, weddings, anniversaries, etc.  I never really gave much thought to it until recently while purging a pile of cards dating back four decades.  Despite being stored away, they conjured up the same feelings and emotions I experienced when I first read them.  Think about it: wishes are the hopes and dreams we’ve wanted to fill our lives with ever since we were children. However, the well-wishers are sending out their “best wishes,” the cream of the crop wishes that petition for your daily well-being.  Can you imagine if we took those best wishes and started the morning with them every single day?

In her article Sending Love Ahead to Your Day, Madisyn Taylor suggests using our best wishes as the first ingredient of our day.  She says, “Because of the natural human tendency to focus on what we fear or dislike, it is easy to unwittingly send a message of unease into the future that negatively impacts the quality of your day.  Instead, we can attract this natural bliss into our lives by starting each day with a message of love.”  Her idea of sending love ahead to everyone you encounter and every job you undertake will ensure that your day is suffused with grace.  Granted, there’s no guarantee it will change the lives of those around you or make your job any easier, but your intention will come from a place of love and peace as you approach everyone and everything in your day.

Taylor directs us, “Before you leave the comfortable warmth of your bed, be sure to tell the universe that you are eager and ready to receive the blessings it has set aside for you.  Then as you prepare to meet the day, visualize yourself first saturated by and then surrounded with a warm and soft loving light.  Gradually widen the circle of this light until you are able to send it ahead into your future.”  Even if you can’t imagine sending love to certain situations and people, you will experience the warmth you’re projecting rather than mirroring the behavior or angst you’re met with.

The last sentence of Taylor’s article so vividly expresses the need to send out our best wishes.  She says, “Each morning, in sending this love, you will exercise your power to control the ambiance of your existence and to color your day with positivity.”

Today, I’m sending out my best wishes to you in hopes that you will enjoy every single second of this glorious Sunday.

Published in the Bay City Tribune on Sunday, August 6, 2017




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