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Hot Weather ImageEven though summer comes every year, I’m still amazed at how hot it gets.  Going in and out of the heat and air conditioning can wreak havoc on our allergies, clothing and, dare I say, personal hygiene!

Being the optimist I am, last Tuesday I decided to make the most of my full schedule day by focusing on the cool spots in and around Matagorda and Bay City.  I soaked up all the air-conditioning I could at my house in Matagorda, then reached Bay City around 10:00am to stop in at Bay City Floral and pick up an arrangement for my upcoming workshop.  Not only was it nice and cool in there, the store is put together so well, that I could have easily lost track of time wondering through it.  Glancing down at my watch, I realized it was time to head over to Fat Grass for lunch with two of my very sweet friends.  The thermostat was set at a very comfortable range as I enjoyed a delicious meal and conversation.  At this point, I felt down right blessed to be enjoying free air-conditioning.

Speaking of blessed, after hugs from my friends, and a guarantee we would be getting together soon, I drove over to the Holy Cross Church business office for a meeting and received a warm welcome by all, as the air conditioning embraced me like an old friend.

Saying my goodbyes, excitement built up inside of me just thinking about the location of my next meeting.  I met with a friend at Snow Bunny Snow Cones on 12th street at 1:45pm.  If you haven’t been there yet, run don’t walk.  Their snow cones will bring back memories of the joy of childhood; their fabulous burgers are not to be missed.  Granted, my friend Valeria and I sat outside under a shade tree, but the snow cone more than kept me cool as we caught up on all the excitement going on in the Dubourdieu family with Philippe leaving for the seminary very soon.

As much as I enjoyed this childhood escape, I knew it was time to move on to meet with my next appointment at Lisa’s Coffee Shop at 3:00pm.  (Note:  At this point I should have convinced you by now, removing any thoughts of the hot weather has made my life look pretty great.)  My 3:00pm cancelled but I managed to run into some other friends at Lisa’s, also taking a moment to cool off and relax.  By the way, I had a chance to meet Darrell and Tina Titus; they recently moved to Bay City and are settling in to a new home with their son and daughter.

My last appointment came, just under the clock, as I snuck in to Prosperity Bank.  Whenever I go in there, everybody’s so welcoming and happy to see me.  Once again, I found myself among friends in an atmosphere of very cool enjoyment.

Changing my focus from complaining about the heat to enjoying all the cool spots around the city had a major impact on my disposition.  I determined I was in air-conditioning by far more than the stifling heat.  The difference was I stayed calm and cool focused on the more pleasant aspects of my day, and that includes our great Bay City community; it’s only as great as the people that live in it. My advice to you is: the hot weather is not going anywhere for a while, so make the most of it, and come in out of the heat!

Originally published in the Bay City Tribune on Sunday, August 7, 2016.

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