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Company is Coming


When I was a kid and we had advance-warning that company was coming, my mom would go into military mode, shouting out orders to clean your room, clean the bathrooms, wash the dishes, fold the clothes, vacuum and dust.  There would be plenty of complaining, but when the company arrived, if the house looked spic and span, and we were on our best behavior, my mom’s face would signal we hit it out of the ball park.   Well, Matagorda County, company is coming to Camofest next Saturday.  It’s time to pull together and make this event shine like a new nickel and look like a million bucks, (no pun intended).

People have been working behind the scenes since the day after Camofest 2016. It will be new and improved from last year, and last year was amazing!   We’ve estimated the number of visitors will double next weekend.  Entrance into the festival is free for all ages. The live music, kids’ activities, Beast Feast, wine tastings, and Texas beer offerings will draw folks inside and outside of our community to see what all the excitement is about, which brings me to my next point.

No matter how well prepared we are when Saturday morning rolls around, the heart and soul of this community still depends on each of us, even if you don’t plan on attending Camofest.  Visitors will be all around our city next Saturday- on the square, in retail shops, grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants, so first impressions are a big deal.  If you encounter someone driving slowly, like they’re uncertain where they are going, respond with kindness & patience; if someone is walking along at a snail’s pace blocking the path for you to go around, smile and say excuse me as you maneuver pass them.   If you happen to see a parent struggling with their kids while performing a balancing act with food and drinks, offer to help them get to where they’re headed safely.   Random acts of kindness can have miraculous effects and shine a bright light on the integrity of our community, guaranteeing repeat business!

Granted, 99% of our community don’t need to be reminded to pull their manners out of their pockets; my intention is not to preach to the choir.   I’m suggesting that if you fall into this 1% category, step up and help polish this shiny, new event with your best behavior and effort.  Looking back on my childhood when getting ready for company, my mom was preaching to the choir (my sister Kathy) all the while my sister Mary and I were scrambling to escape any path to chores (I guess that put us in the 1%).   It takes the whole village!

Company is coming, so plan on coming to Camofest next Saturday, but remember to clean up your room first!

Originally published in the Bay City Tribune on Sunday, January 22, 2017

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