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There are life affirming parallels found in the Christian celebration of Easter and the season of Spring.   Easter symbolizes the resurrection of Christ and is marked with the tradition of Easter eggs symbolizing new life with the example of the birth of baby chicks.  Spring is defined by similar words:

Rebirth, renewal, rejuvenation, reaffirm, resurrection, reflection, redirection, rededication, which leads us to Re-imagination.  All of these words lead us to one singular message-we can begin again.

In her DailyOM article, Editing Your Life, Madisyn Taylor compares our lives to that of an ongoing movie script for which we have creative control.  Taylor notes, “Within us lies the power to examine what works or isn’t working in our lives and make “edits” to our life’s script, accordingly.  Choosing to actively edit your life can be incredibly empowering.  As you evolve, you have the choice to accept the script you’ve written thus far or edit it so you can create a life that fulfills you.”

Wait, what? Could it be possible that we can simply cut out what isn’t working in our lives any longer and release the emotional baggage we’ve been carrying around with us since childhood?  Taylor notes, “Acknowledging that you are responsible for the experience you create gives you the ability to create the life you’ve always longed for.”

Granted, no one says it will be easy editing out stressful situations, toxic relationships and emotional baggage, but with time your hard work will lead to healthier attitudes, relationships and peace of mind.

I’m ending this article today with Reinhold Niebuhr’s reaffirming Serenity Prayer:

 God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.

 Originally published in the Bay City Tribune on Sunday, April 16, 2017.



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