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Daily Intentions

I have good news and bad news!  The good news is Spring has arrived; the bad news is it can be felt in our sinus cavities, heard as it’s expelled through constant coughing and sneezing, and seen in our itchy, watery eyes.   How did we get to the point where we’re allergic to the very plants and trees supplying us with the oxygen we require for life?  It would be amusing if plants and trees fought back allergies every time we made our presence known.

There’s all types of changes going on in the air that no amount of antihistamines or decongestants can remedy when it comes to our national, state, county or city government.  It’s been likened to a runaway train heading for a date with disaster, leaving us feeling powerless and victimized.  Dare I say, is it possible we’re allergic to our government?

All humor aside, we, the people, are the government.  It’s time to take our power back and it’s easier than you think.  Change begins in each of us.  We may not hold leadership positions in our government, but we do within ourselves, our families, and our communities.  It’s time for spring cleaning!  Access what’s working for you in your individual life, throwing out what you observe as a waste of your valuable time, pulling out the qualities that nourish and enhance your soul’s purpose, and commit to reflect the change you wish to see in others.  Be the solution in repairing relationships within your family.

Personal growth is contagious!  We’re experiencing growing pains at all levels of our life.  It’s uncomfortable and scary but you can take control using daily intentions.  Write down what you wish to remove and list what you plan to replace it with.  Arrange a family meeting to discuss what works and doesn’t work within your commitment to each other.   Rewrite your family daily intentions.

Hopefully you recognize where I’m going with all of this.  Change begins with you!  You have the power within your grasp.  It’s time to act!  Promote life-changing daily intentions and watch them go viral.  It’s your chance to save the world!

The original article was published in the Bay City Tribune on Sunday, March 26, 2017.


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