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Favorite Things


FavThingsWords-20Raindrops on Roses, and whiskers on kittens, Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, Brown paper packages tied up with strings, These are a few of my favorite things…. (“My Favorite Things,” Rogers & Hammerstein, 1959)

Happy Holidays! This time of year brings out the Best in all of us (well, 99.9% of us), through music, celebration, gratitude, gathering together with loved ones and all around merriment! Sadly, I admit, I am one of those individuals willing to keep a tree up all year, switching out ornaments for the respective seasonal festivities. Reality returns when someone suggests I have my head examined (been there, done that, nothing there!). Like the song, when we need a little holiday spirit, we can close our eyes and think back to our Favorite Things (not while operating heavy equipment or a motor vehicle) of joy, gratitude & sense of well-being. I’m willing to compromise putting the tree away if the Best in all of us (99.9% that is) remains all year long. When something brings out the Best in each of us, it feels so wonderful. Why not “ride the wave” for as long as we can regardless of the calendar? Enjoy the moments when you’re feeling good about yourself and those around you; better yet, enjoy the moments when you’re feeling good about waking up in the morning, joining someone for coffee, meeting friends at Town Square Café, Main Street Coffee Bar or Café Roux. This time of year has its advantages! In the event a jolly old man in a bright, red suit happens to ask you whether you’ve been bad or good, just say I’ve been the Best I can be all year long! Ho, Ho, Ho!

Originally Published in Bay City Holiday Magazine (November/December 2015) on October 25, 2015

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