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Football games have dominated TV time at the Restivo’s house throughout the past holiday season and we find ourselves closing in on the Super Bowl Finale. I’ve never been a great fan of football but have enjoyed being a spectator watching the fans ride the roller coaster of wins and losses. Fans put their hearts and souls into the players and the games while spending billions of dollars on tickets, sports apparel, accessories, food and liquor. Sports bars have popped up everywhere as readily as your neighborhood area convenience stores. When it comes to the game itself, a fan’s blood pressure elevates, their adrenaline is pumping and all manner of anxiety begins to unfold throughout both sides of thehalftime
stadium with the vortex of energy settling on the shoulders of each football team. Thank goodness for halftime entertainment which allows our elevated heart rate to return to a normal range. Halftime doesn’t last very long but is essential in re-grouping for the rest of the game. It occurred to me halftime is an essential element in our daily lives. For example, my husband and my birthdays are one day apart. Over the years, because of my husband’s international travel, we weren’t always able to spend it together. This year was different. Despite the fact he was in Houston while I was in Matagorda, we worked out our schedules so we could meet for dinner in Katy on the evening of his birthday. Our youngest daughter Kelli started college on the same day yet somehow managed to drive across town in 5:00pm traffic to meet us. Once we were seated at our table it was such a relief to relax and re-group as a family. Hectic schedules were set aside to celebrate life as the gift that it is. It’s a memory that will last a lifetime for me. I’m willing to accept I’m in the 3rd quarter of my life but I don’t have to wait to the end of the 4th quarter to know whether or not I’ve won. I cherish my life and family especially when I make halftime moments an integral part of my life!

Karen Restivo

Originally Published in The Bay City Tribune on January 24, 2016

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