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Happy Wine Trails Series- Lavaca Bluffs


As a Wild Game and Wine Camofest 2018 wine committee co-chair, I set my intention to visit all wineries joining our wine team.  It made sense to me to follow the trail to where winery owners grow and produce Texas grapes leading to an impressive array of wines.

My first wine tasting trip was to Lavaca Bluffs Vineyard and Winery located in Lolita about an hour from Matagorda.  I asked my husband to tag along on this adventure with me and he was more than willing to comply.  We met with Meredith Reed, daughter of the original owners Doug and Beth Reed.  Meredith is the operation’s manager of her family’s winery and happily shared how the roots of the wine business came to be part of their family history. Meredith said, “In 1998 my parents purchased the Frels Landing homestead near Lolita from a descendent of early settlers. They were taken by the view of the Lavaca  River and the great history of the area.”  She offered literature acknowledging the purchased property was part of the original Stephen F. Austin Old 300 land grant and the land witnessed Karankawa Indians, early explorers, and Spanish and American colonists.  Meredith noted, “At the time of the purchase, the original owner showed my dad a tree covered in grape vines and suggested he leave the vines alone and not be bothered by them.  It didn’t take long before my dad began cutting away the over-grown vines only to realize they began to double and triple in size.  Later he was told, to his surprise, he had been pruning the vines encouraging their growth.  At that point my dad said, ‘If you can’t beat them, you may as well join them; hence, winemaking followed.’”  As Educators, Doug and Beth wanted to honor the Texas Gulf Coast history as they grew their grapes and wine business.  Production of the wines is done on the premises from Jackson County, local fruit, estate, Texas, and American fruit and grapes.  Some of the names include: Half Moon Reef-a Merlot from Texas grapes named after the Half Moon Reef Lighthouse, a historic Port Lavaca Landmark; Pompous Pirate– which is a medium-sweet, medium-bodied Texas Shiraz named for the gentleman pirate Jean Lafitte; and their top seller Matagorda-a blackberry Merlot named for the Matagorda Lighthouse which once witnessed storm and Civil War conflict, just to name a few.

Sam and I opted for the large glass tasting for $12 each which included 7 tastings and a souvenir Lavaca Bluff’s wine glass.  We ended up purchasing Sam’s choice-Matagorda Wine and my Lolita’s Blush choice.  We headed home with more Texas history, wine knowledge, and wine tasting memories.  Sam and I highly recommend planning a trip to Lavaca Bluff’s Vineyard & Winery.  For more information, contact Meredith at (361)874-GOOD (4663) or Lavaca Bluff’s wines are sold at Stanley’s General Store in Matagorda and Quick Stop #8 in Bay City.


One winery down and seven more wineries to visit.  Happy Wine Trials! (October 6, 2017)


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