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High Octane Fuel Tribune Article 04/22/2018/2

High-Octane Fuel

Imagine having an endless supply of energy!  We witness it in young children utilizing unlimited quantities throughout the day with a guarantee of a full tank of energy ready and waiting for them the next morning.  When awake, energy is the fuel we rely on to be productive at work and home.  As adults, some mornings our energy tank is simply not registering “Full” on our indicator gage.  Gary Zukav, author of The Seat of the Soulexplains from the perspective of our five senses that the more energy you have the more you can get done. He suggests questions such as, “How much energy do you have?  Are you getting enough sleep?  Worrying too much? Do you need more vitamins?  Are your mitochondria healthy? People who worry about these things go to physicians, nutritionists and psychologists to get more energy.”  The problem is physical or psychological.

In Zukav’s article “How to Protect Your Spiritual Energy,” he tackles the struggles we face when discerning the right path to love and fulfillment of the soul.  He notes, “From the perspective of your soul, the important question is not how much energy you have, but what kind of energy you have.  There are only two kinds of energy, fear and love.”  (He offers examples of fearas anger, jealousy, resentment, stress, cravings, addictions and compulsions that might feel like different energies but in fact on rooted in fear.”  From these spastic baubles comes physical and mental suffering.   Loveon the other hand is experienced in appreciation, gratitude, patience and contentment.  According to Zukav, “Each of these comes with its own physical sensations in your body (they feel good) and acting on each creates a particular kind of consequence (health and joyfulness).  Simple, right?  Maybe in theory, but not in reality.  Here’s where it gets interesting.  Can the two energies of fear and love merge?

Zukav asserts, “Some experiences of fear can appear to be experiences of love. For example, in romantic love you long for someone (painful) and, at last, attract him or her into your life (feels wonderful), but intense pain follows immediately when he or she leaves, dies or falls in love with someone else.  The entire drama is created by fear appearing to you as love. This drama is painful and destructive because none of it is love.  Love cannot produce pain or destruction.”

There is a fool-proof way of discerning whether your actions come from fear or love. (This is the part of the article you lean in a little closer.) Zukav reveals, “When the bottom-line, bedrock, can’t go any deeper reason for an action is to benefit another, the energy beneath your action is love. When the bottom-line, bedrock, can’t-go-any-deeper reason for action is to benefit yourself, the energy beneath your action is fear.  Only you can know your real intention.”  Eureka!

Zukav concludes, “There is more energy in love than in fear.  You might say it is the highest-octane fuel available. (Not love for this person or that person—love for everyone; love for Life.)”

Gary Zukav’s article challenges us to question our daily actions: “Am I doing this from love, or am I doing this from fear?”  Authentic power is generated from the highest-octane fuel—love.

When the personality connects fully to serve the energy of the soul—that is Authentic Power.  Gary Zukav

 Originally published in the Bay City Tribune on Sunday, April 22, 2018

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