Serenity Matagorda Isle

Diary Entry – Return to Me

ecesIn my first week of “eating clean” (I prefer not to use the d____ word) I’ve learned one thing for sure- carbs and sweets were at my every turn, and to make it worse, they were free for the taking!  Really, donuts and pigs in a blanket were available to me (those are big guns).  At “Rock the Block” every kind of delectable sweet was available along with a variety of punches at each store.  Luckily, I survived but it made me realize how often food is literally at our finger tips!
My focus this week was to include at least five fish meals (yes, I broke out tuna for a couple of them) and I managed to meet that goal.  My mantra was “Food is not a reward!”  Believe me I realized I was rewarding myself endlessly.  Until the next time….


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