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Learning to Stand Up for Our Girls

Learning to Stand Up for our Girls

Teen GroupOne of my favorite events held at Serenity Matagorda Isle this year was a group of Mighty Me Workshops focusing on young girls making the challenging transition from elementary to junior high school, and junior high school to high school. Partnering with Matagorda Adventure Co., we offered a full day workshop concentrating on empowering young girls with essential tools that build confidence, self-acceptance & self-respect.   Due to the success of these workshops, we’ll be offering them throughout 2017.

In a perfect world our girls would be encouraged to follow their passion for learning while standing on a level playing field with young boys their own age. Finding their authentic self and exercising self-expression are discouraged in our male driven society. After watching months of the election fiasco on television, it’s clear our world is not a safe and secure element for raising self-confident young girls.

Columnist Amy Gerwing says, “Our country is replete with an unprecedented number of young girls suffering from eating disorders and body mutilation, while pushing the limits of sexual promiscuity. Is racy underwear, modeled by unrealistically thin girls, really the best that we have to offer our girls? Underwear that reads, “Call me” does nothing but cheapen a girl’s self-esteem while exacerbating the objectification of her God-given femininity. Our children are being objectified by retailers who see them as nothing more than a path to increased sales. Our daughters are precious, intrinsically valuable and deserve better—they deserve to be cherished and protected.”

Don’t hold your breathe while waiting for our society to change! It will take a nation of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, single men and women to reign back control over what’s considered desirable in society through media and social networking. We have to hit them where it hurts, in the pocket book.   Imagine if each one of us altered our Christmas or Holiday selection to retail items encouraging positive self-confidence and self-esteem in our young girls. That would be just the beginning!

It’s taken society a while to get where it is today. Time and patience will be required to witness a significant turn around. Remember our actions will speak louder than any of our words when facilitating change.

Originally published in the Bay City Tribune on Sunday, November 20, 2016.





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