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Love of Family

family-loveI spent the beginning of last week visiting my brother at a hospital in Houston after he suffered a massive heart attack a week ago Saturday.  It was my brother’s grandson that drove him to the emergency room and stood by watching as an ER doctor resuscitated him after being non-responsive for twelve minutes.  Gavin, a high school student, certainly wasn’t prepared to witness his “Pa” fighting for his life; I can only imagine what must have been going through his mind.  He stayed with his Pa in ICU for two days until his grandma told him he had to go home, get some rest and go to school on Monday. Gavin’s love for his Pa is immeasurable and I assure you my brother’s love went well beyond that for Gavin.

While visiting my brother in ICU, I reflected on the irony of the situation. For over a decade my brother was raising Gavin, watching and nurturing  him as he grew into a young man.  Many times when I had an opportunity to see my brother, Gavin would be trailing him in his shadow.  He was a regular fixture in his Pa’s life and there was no place he’d rather be.  Now, the roles were reversed and the grandson was watching over his beloved Pa.  The ER doctors told Gavin he was a hero in their eyes for saving his Pa’s life by getting him to the emergency room so quickly.  All the while, Gavin’s hero was laying in a bed in the ICU unit.  Despite his age, he understood the precious  love his Pa had shown him and now he was reciprocating the love in return.
You may find it interesting I’m not writing about my relationship with my Love-Is-colorbrother and the love we share as siblings.  In a way I am, we both grew up in a loving family of six and were taught  love was the greatest of all gifts and I witnessed it being passed on to another generation from my brother to his grandson.  Love IS all there is.  My prayer is they will have many more days to spend together.  I love you brother!

Karen Restivo

Originally Published in The Bay City Tribune on January 31, 2016

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