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Spontaneous Bucket List

Spontaneous Bucket Lists

There’s something to be said about spontaneity!  I’ve never invested much effort on time management in my life.  I consider it a good day if I can check off three things on my To Do List. Thankfully, my structured and organized friends have embraced my spontaneous side with their willingness to step out of their controlled environments with little or no warning.

Within a 72-hour period last week, we engaged in a deep sea fishing trip in Cabo San Lucas, wrangled with a blue marlin, were in close proximity to whales, fed and posed for selfies with Poncho the Seal when he jumped on the back of our boat (no one mentioned there might be a rogue seal encounter), took our catch to be prepared at a marina restaurant, herded a feral cat out of our Montecristo Estates villa (thanks to my #1 adventurous friend with keen eyesight), spent an afternoon at the Armonia Spa,  and dined at two top ten restaurants at the Resort at Pedregal which included, but not limited to, an octopus’ appetizer and a champagne tasting.

What makes these adventures interesting is the fact that nothing was reserved in advance.  We managed to check off several bucket list items for my three friends while flying by the seat of our pants.  (Side bar- deep sea fishing, seal encounters, octopus’ appetizers and champagne tastings were never on my bucket list, but I’m proud to say they are checked off none the less.)  What was high on my bucket list was having a spontaneous adventure with some of my not so spontaneous girlfriends that would leave lasting memories.  It’s safe to say I can check that off my bucket list.

When I escorted my last two friends to the airport shuttle, their arms were full of Mexican chocolates, souvenirs, suitcases full of dirty clothes, and memories that will last them a life time.  Did I mention they only had a week’s notice on the trip?

Originally published in the Bay City Tribune on April 29, 2018.



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