Serenity Matagorda Isle

Stay in Touch Tribune Article March 11, 2018


In the morning or late evening, if you stand very still outside and close your eyes, you can feel the seasonal shift in the air. Despite the chilly days we’ve experienced this month, Spring begins March 20th on our calendar, but Mother Nature ultimately decides when it arrives.

Change is happening all around us, but most certainly within.  The kid in all of us dreams of Spring’s arrival, counting the days until we break free from Winter’s hold.  With the time change we find ourselves lingering a little longer outside in the evening savoring every moment until the sun sets.  As a child, it meant riding bikes with my sisters a few blocks down the street in the church parking lot of Holy Rosary in Rosenberg.  Life seemed so simple then.

The good news is Life can be simple again.  Shifting your focus from the struggles and distractions of the world to nurturing the child within, relays the basic recipe for balance in your adult life: get plenty of sleep, eat right, do you work and make time for play.  Learn to be stingy with your time.  Don’t let the television, computer or cell phone zap vital minutes away from your life.  Clients of mine mention they occupy their time with technology as a way of unwinding from a busy day.  In reality, it can be a form of hypnosis luring them into a space of suspended animation.

Stay in touch by observing what’s going on around you. You’re never too old to be a child again, seeking adventure and marveling at the world around you. Instead of looking at pictures of Matagorda Beach on Facebook, pencil it in on your schedule to walk barefoot in the sand, feel the breeze on your face, hear the thunder of the waves signaling their arrival and watching an incredible sunset.  Pictures never replace the real thing.  No computer screen is required to stay in touch with your life.

Originally published in the Bay City Tribune on Sunday, March 11, 2018

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