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Stay in Touch

In the morning or late evening, if you stand very still outside and close your eyes, you can feel the seasonal shift in the air. Granted, the first day of Fall was noted on the 22nd of September, but Mother Nature follows her own calendar.

Change is happening all around us, but most certainly within. The kid in all of us raced with Summer getting in as much fun in the sun as possible.   Fall reminds me of my childhood, when my mom would open the screen door and summon us back home for dinner. Life was so simple then.

The good news is it can be simple again. Shifting your focus from the struggles and distractions of the world to nurturing the child within, you’ll realize the basic recipe for balance in your adult life: get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, do your chores and make time for play. Learn to be stingy with your time. Don’t let the television, computer or cell phone zap vital minutes away from your life. Some clients tell me it’s what they use to unwind. In reality, it can be a form of hypnosis luring you into a space of suspended animation. Flying home from Michigan last week, I watched two kids hold their tablets within six inches of their face, playing video games for over two hours. They were disconnected with everything going on around them, without even noticing they were on a plane flying 35,000 feet above the earth. Yes, their tablet kept them quiet, but they missed out on the wonder of reality happening to them at that very moment.

Stay in touch by observing what’s going on around you. You’re never too old to be a child again, seeking out adventure and marveling at the world around you. The next time you’re on Facebook and you see countless pictures of Matagorda Beach, pencil it in to walk barefoot in the sand, feel the breeze on your face, hear the thunder of the waves signaling their arrival, and watch the incredible sunset. Stay in touch with your life, no computer screen required.

Originally published in the Bay City Tribune on Sunday, October 9, 2016.stay-in-touch



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