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Subject to Change

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I remember as a child growing up in Rosenberg, my Dad having such a jovial disposition on life whatever challenge he faced. We settled there when I was starting 2nd grade at Holy Rosary Catholic School. My Dad was so happy he was able to put all of his six children through catholic parochial school. At this point, it was his three daughters, me being the youngest. I was the shy one and change did not come easy for me. My two sisters would say it was because I was the youngest and spoiled by both my Dad and Mom; however true that may be, I felt uncomfortable with change. I was use to being surrounded by my family, certain I was safe in my little bubble. Elementary school meant being on my own with teachers and other students I had no relationship with. As I struggled with my new environment, it was my Dad who told me often, “Karen, just let the wind blow, before you know it, things will change.” He was right of course. As often as the wind blows in one direction, before you know it, the direction changes, but it’s still the wind.

Though both of my parents have since passed away, I still carry them with me everywhere I go. Grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend one day, I noticed their frustration over a community matter that was unresolved. It made me think of my Dad sitting with me as a child; back then, I felt the weight of the world on my small shoulders just wanting everything to be ok, just like my sweet friend sitting across from me. As a grown up, my perception grew along with me. I am now a “people” person, I have such an appreciation for all the stories and memories each individual carries around with them whether they are an acquaintance of mine or not. In the end, it’s not just about one individual; it’s about ALL of us. Life is subject to change. Just when life has you going in one direction, surprise! It’s still life, just moving in a different direction. Last Tuesday, I drove out to see a friend of mine recuperating from surgery. She and I took a walk out to her garden. It was such a beautiful day and the garden was a sight to behold. All the rain transformed it into a bevy of green beans, zucchini squash & cucumbers. We stood in wonder, enjoying the sun and cool breeze, knowing there is someone greater than us directing everything. Life is precious; let the wind blow!

Originally printed in the Bay City Tribune on May 8, 2016.

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