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Team Building

First and foremost, “Tony & Tina’s Wedding” was fantastic.  Clearly an enormous amount of work went into the production of this play and the result spoke for itself.  The interesting thing about “Tony & Tina’s Wedding” was the incredible amount of participation the audience had with the actors in just about every scene.  We were the wedding guests!  It took a great deal of trust on the part of the CAST production team and actors to predict the audience would embrace their role in the play and run with it.  And, their prediction came true on Friday night of opening weekend.   From the church service to the reception we laughed, we danced and we put our two cents worth into every scene.  There was structure in the play’s direction and in the lines all the actors had to learn, but they confidently reached out to all of us to carry our part of the play.  I’m sure there were a few hiccups along the way, but no one was the wiser because, no wedding runs perfectly.  As guests, we gathered to celebrate the new relationship between the husband and wife, parents and extended family.

Recently, we celebrated another new relationship with the Schulman family when they opened Shulman’s Movie Bowl Grill.  If you haven’t had the opportunity to look around this beautiful facility, make the time.   Whether or not you’re ready to see a movie, try your hand at bowling, exercise a little competition in the giant game room or enjoy a meal in the grill, Mark Schulman and his family invite you to come out and look around.  Believe me, it is a sight to see.

Team building was essential in the Schulmans’ quest to create a family atmosphere of fun and entertainment.  Each employee plays a vital role in the success of this grand business venture from the cleaning crew all the way up to the management team.  Our community also plays a vital role in the success of this endeavor.  Just like the play, Mark has implemented a plan to operate this facility and serve its guests to the best of their ability.  There may be hiccups in the beginning while establishing a smooth operation, but it will take patience, perseverance and trust on the part of all of us to get Schulman’s MBG off the ground to reach a successful cruising altitude.

Relaxing in our reclining chairs in auditorium number one, seats E7, E8, and E9, Elsa, Zeinab and I were transported into the fantasy world of Wonder Woman.  We played our role in supporting this entertainment venue.  Special thanks to Mark, Aaron, Chrystal, Jeff, Tiffany, Jacklyn and Valerie for making us feel right at home.  A couple hiccups along the way, no problem!

Originally published in the Bay City Tribune on Sunday, June 11, 2017

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