Serenity Matagorda Isle

The kid in all of us

No matter our age there is still a “kid” in each and every one of us. Some folks might even say there’s no place for that “kid” in our adult life. (Clearly, they have their own “kid” locked away with no hope of escape.) I witnessed kids of all ages playing freely at the Pilot Club Celebrity Waiter Fundraiser last month. It was so much fun watching business men & women, some holding serious, high profile positions, releasing their inner child as Batman, a Preacher, a Wicked Witch, and the “Brawny” man. Laughter rang out through the country club as club members and guests were allowed to “kid” around with each other and simply enjoy an evening of fun and make-believe. All “kidding” aside, waiters were not required to dress in costume; the only requirement was serving dinner to ticket holders, all in the name of raising money for a noble cause. This was the fifth year of the Celebrity Waiter Fundraiser and the club has witnessed continued growth in their fundraising efforts.

The Pilot Club’s mission is to assist families with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) locally. One example of local support has been given to Harmony Ranch, owned and operated by Clare and Joseph Costantini. Harmony Ranch’s mission statement is “to expose individuals with medical, physical, or emotional challenges to a space of empowerment while receiving unconditional acceptance and support from a horse.” Clare and Joseph donated a one-hour “experience with horses” at their ranch as an item in the silent auction during the fundraiser. I’m proud to say I was the recipient of that prize tbatman-costumeo the delight of my four-year-old granddaughter Chiara.

The community really stepped up by donating and purchasing silent and live auction items. Time, Talent and Treasure were exemplified in this gathering of citizens united for one night of getting to be kids again. At the end of the night everyone returned home to his or her regular lives in Bay City with the exception of Batman. Just kidding! (Or at least I hope so.)

Originally Published in The Bay City Tribune on November 08, 2015

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