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There’s No Place Like Home

NPLHomeThe weather last weekend was wonderful! Houston was my destination for a 3-day workshop on “Mindfulness Restoration.” It’s a nice way of saying it’s time for a mental detox of the sludge built up in our heads over the last 10 months. Working with a group of like-minded people creates an environment of acceptance acknowledging the need to self-preserve our sanity. As humans, we tend to hold on to emotionally charged memories rather than releasing them. Retaining memories without the emotional charge is key in maintaining a level head in our personal, social and business life. Holding on to toxic emotions is self-destructive making us our own worst enemy. I’ve known people in my life driven by success willing to forgo sleep, a healthy diet, and exercise in hopes of a better life. The irony is the “better life” they’re seeking is eradicated when they expose their body and mind to an unhealthy mental and physical lifestyle. (Note to self: practice what you preach.)

I find people attending these workshops lead busy lives on many different levels, yet they know it’s essential to maintain a schedule allowing for renewal, restoration & reconnection. I chose a workshop in Houston in hopes of spending some time with my daughters and granddaughter. Look no further than Bay City for programs geared toward meeting your needs. I know you’re thinking there’s no time in your life but the moral of this story is to make time before anxiety, frustration and stress take their toll. This applies to young and old. Teenagers are bombarded by so many conflicting messages and a huge amount of pressure to do well in school, participate in sports, work a part time job and maintain a social life with their peers. Young kids are keeping up with homework and are up to their neck in extracurricular activities. We’re so blessed in our community with programs available through our area churches and civic organizations focusing on individual and community development.

A friend of mine invited me to a fundraising meeting for the crisis center last week. What a noble undertaking to witness; while realizing we all have personal crisis going on at some level and time in our lives, these individuals are generating ideas to help fund a community outreach center. We have an opportunity to support this center at its fundraiser in January by purchasing meal tickets, donating items for their silent auction and taking time to come inside and bid on the silent auction items. This group had me at “Hello.” It’s been my experience, when things aren’t going so well in my life, to focus on serving others, and every single time it brings me back to a feeling of gratitude and appreciation in my life.

Last weekend I was counting my blessings driving home knowing the process of renewal continues outside the workshop doors! At the end of the day returning home to Matagorda reminds me “there’s no place like home”.

Karen Restivo

Originally Published in The Bay City Tribune on November 1, 2015

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