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Tribune Article “Mighty Me”

Mighty Me

Teen GroupHeads Up, we’re half way through summer!  Don’t panic, there’s still plenty of summer days left for adventures and fun in the sun.  For young girls making the move from elementary to junior high, and junior high to high school, this time of year summons nervous butterflies just thinking about the next stage of life.  Navigating their teenage years can be challenging. Mary Pipher, author of “Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls,” compares it to the Bermuda Triangle, saying, “Something dramatic happens to girls in early adolescence.  Just as planes and ships disappear mysteriously into the Bermuda Triangle, so do the selves of girls go down in droves. They crash and burn in a social and developmental Bermuda Triangle…. They lose their resiliency and optimism and become less curious, and {less} inclined to take risks.  They…become more deferential, self-critical and depressed and experience great unhappiness with their own bodies.”

There is no way to circumvent this rite of passage, but preparation is key.  Before we embrace and bid our girls farewell on their maiden journey, be sure they are equipped with the necessary tools to enhance their capabilities as they navigate self-expression, self-confidence and self-worth.  The use of mental, spiritual and physical tools are a non-negotiable requirement to assure their safety through this maze of growth and development.

Partnering with Christy Bishop of Matagorda Adventure Co., Serenity Matagorda Isle will be offering “Mighty Me” workshops in July and early August for pre-teen and teenage girls.  Our focus is assisting young girls in selection and proper use of such tools to be added to their adolescent tool box.  Tools will be effective on:  goals, individuality, respect, loyalty, potential, optimism, will, empathy and responsibility.  For more information on dates and costs, go to, or email me at   Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Originally published in the Bay City Tribune on July 10, 2016.

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